B2B E-Commerce

Numerous customers from a range of business areas got the chance to expand their distribution channels and to adapt new sales strategies with us - a successfull entry into B2B e-Commerce!

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B2C E-Commerce

Whether you already have an online shop or want to start your eBusiness from the beginning - we will help you developing new stategies and optimize existing ideas.

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Product Configurator

By means of most modern 3D-technology, Sitewards established an e-commerce solution that will lead to higher conversion rates, working on all technical devices.

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Manners goes Titan

Our software architect David Manners will join "Mage Titans"-conference in Manchester (7.11.15) with a talk about "Mistake Driven Development". That finally makes him a Magento-titan!

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Sitewards continues to grow: Current vacancies

We are searching for a Web Designer/Front Ender, a Project Manager E-Commerce and team members for Quality Assurance.

Talks Around the World!

Our CTO Tobias Zander is on the go around the world as a speaker. You can meet him on the Web Summit in Dublin (04.-06.Nov.) and on PHP World in Washington (10.-14.Nov.).

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"What is New in Magento 2"?

That is the question David Manners and Tobias Zander are diskussing in the leading article of the current issue of the php[architect] magazine. "In this article we will take a look at Magentos current technical status, compare it to the first version, and review the road ahead".

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David Manners talks!

This autumn our scottish Senior Developer David Manners will give speeches on three dates: At Meet Magento in Romania and the Meet Magento in Switzerland he will talk about "Mistake Driven Development" , whereas he will discuss about "What's new in Magento 2" at the Int. PHP conference in Munich.

Tobias Zander - Security im E-Commerce

"Security im E-Commerce"

CTO and Sitewards-Partner Tobias Zander has written a book addressing developers and decision makers, which plan or already maintain an e-commerce-site. He illustrates main attack scenarios and shows frameworks and tools which help to secure your application.

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