I find it super difficult to track my tasks accurately

While my project managers are patient with me I get so caught up in my work that my project manager would need to quietly knock on my door and remind me to track what I am doing! For me, it is difficult to leave the code, login to the tool that we use for time tracking, record the time, switch back into the code and remember what I was doing. Code is complex! I need to concentrate.

Currently I have the enormous luxuary of working 100% of my time on a single project - I can say that 100% of my time should be billed to this client. However, we like being transparent, and I need to be able to say exactly what I accomplished while doing this work. So, my project manager and I sat together and came up with a "dirty hack" - a way I can track time efficiently, but still remain deep in the code.

All our tasks are slavishly tracked in Jira in the kanban style. If it doesn't exist in Jira, it doesn't exist - there should be no exceptions. So, I simply tag the ticket with the current week as soon as I do anything related to it. The reports are delivered weekly, so I tag the ticket "kw${WEEK_NUMBER}". For example, this week is kw43. In addition, a ticket might be touched over the course of several weeks; it can thus have multiple tags.

It's then trivial for the project manager to click on one of these tags in the ticket, and write up a report to the client. The client is happy, as they know all the things I do each week.

Yay simple fixes!