You are thinking about entering e-commerce or wanting to bring your digital platform to a higher level? We are a long-time partner of middle-market businesses when it comes to digitization. With profound knowledge about the special requirements of your company environment, we can help you to implement and to develop the digital transformation in your business.

Commercial challenges

E-commerce needs top management attention and a clear strategy that suits perfectly to your company. Like any other investment, e-commerce is only successful if a positive return on investment (ROI) arises and leads to earning money. Our performance promise: Together with you, we achieve a positive ROI in the shortest possible time.


The development of new markets through international digital activities offers great potential and promising opportunities. But is internationalization worthwhile for each and every company? What are the challenges? We support you with a clear strategy which includes measurable business objectives. As a solid foundation for trend-setting decisions and for the operational management of e-commerce activities.

Transaction costs / automation

E-commerce is not a self-purpose or even hygiene, but must be a main part of your business model. Any e-commerce activity should result either in revenue growth by increased sales or in cost reduction through, for example, optimization of transaction costs through automation.


Interface communication between e-commerce systems and the existing IT system landscape, such as ERP, CRM and PIM, is a major challenge for companies. We support you with our know-how and our network of interface experts either relying on existing middleware or customizing our standard interfaces for your special company needs.

Product Configurators

Especially for products with many different variants, our 2D and 3D product configurator is an effective tool for compiling customer-specific desires while adhering to configuration rules. By using the configurator, you not only increase the conversion rate of your platform, but also optimize your sales and manufacturing process.


Working with Sitewards